Young nurse shares rare coronavirus symptom which led to positive test – Mirror Online

A ‘young and healthy’ nurse says she has been left “absolutely devastated” after an odd symptom led to her testing positive for coronavirus.

Emily Morris works at The Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia as an emergency department nurse and has been on the front line of the pandemic, dealing directly with Covid-19 patients.

About a week and a half ago, Emily began to experience an unusual aching sensation in her lower legs.

Long hours spent on her feet meant she was used to having tired legs but she knew immediately the feeling was different and spoke to her manager.

She was taken off her duties, tested and forced to self-isolate until the result came through 24 hours later which confirmed she had coronavirus.

She believes she caught coronavirus outside the hospital
(Image: Emily Morris)

“I feel terrible, she told ABC. “I haven’t felt like eating and have difficulty keeping down fluids.

“I have definitely been knocked around in a way that I didn’t necessarily think that I would, especially being such a young and healthy person.”

Emily said she feels as though there is “a little bit of shame” and stigma around contracting the virus as a heath care worker.

Her close contacts have been isolated and she is in a government apartment while she monitors her symptoms so she doesn’t put her housemates at risk.

Although she has worked directly with Covid-19 patients, she believe she contracted the virus outside of the hospital.

She said: “Considering the high quality of the PPE that we have and the procedures that we have in place [at The Royal Melbourne], I am very certain that this was a community-acquired transmission.”

Emily is pleading with people to remain careful and follow guidelines, adding that she is “young, fit, and healthy” and still got coronavirus despite “doing the right things”.

She also hopes that speaking out about contracting the virus breaks the stigma with other health care professionals, saying that they are all at a “higher risk of getting it” and the best way to move forward is to opening address it.