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That’s right, even more football! It will never end! There will never ever EVER be enough football on your television, or iPad, or phone, or fridge – never! There WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH FOOTBALL. ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER GAME, YEH? COS HERE COMES ANOTHER ! Ha ha ah ha aha ahh aha ha hah aha a

Going slightly mad from all the football but here’s another potentially excellent game, this time between Wolves and Spurs… and now that I’ve thought about the two teams might I retract that thought and suggest this has 0-0 written all over it.

Only four teams have scored fewer goals than Wolves in the league this season and now that their star striker doesn’t have a head anymore, the likelihood they’ll improve on that has decreased significantly. There are hopes that Raul Jimenez might turn up to watch tonight and give those in the stadium a bit of a boost, safe in the knowledge that he is still a functioning human after suffering a horrible injury recently. We are all in debt to the miracle work of medical professionals.

Another group of professionals that Nuno Esperito Santo does not feel indebted to though are the referees. Spare a thought for the poor referees. This is what he said about Lee Mason after a 2-1 defeat to Burnley:

“I think I should apologise for the timing of my comments, probably they were not at the best moment to come across because sometimes bad interpretations can come of it. For that, I will apologise for my timing but I will not apologise for my words and my thoughts.

“I never did it, will probably never do it in my life, but what I said is about the ability of the referee. What I felt and what I saw in the match and previous matches.

“We expect high levels of performance, high standards. As managers, as players, we always want to improve, and what we expect from the referees, is for them to be confident to maintain their authority on the pitch. To control and handle the players, and handle the game.

“We want referees to improve. We want to be in the best competition with the best players, the best managers and the best referees.”

Good luck tonight, Mr Referee. Kick off is the abnormal time of 7:15pm live on Sky Sports. We have updates and analysis right here in this liveblog throughout.