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There’s still much uncertainty, but what will life in Los Angeles County be like going forward with the coronavirus pandemic and what’s being done now to minimize its impact?

County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer joined Eyewitness News via Skype to answer questions from viewers.

Ferrer talked about what the county still needs to work on
in order to get off the state’s COVID-19 watch list.

And while the region has come a long way since the onset of the pandemic in March, she said there’s still a lot to learn about the impacts of the virus, adding that the evolving science has posed challenges.

“I wish it wasn’t a novel virus. I wish we knew everything we want to know and need to know to make really good policy decisions and have those decisions be consistent but we are going to need to constantly ask, of all of us, the ability to be flexible as we get more evidence,” Ferrer said.

Among the other topics she addressed with Eyewitness News:

Long term implications of the virus, especially on young children. (Near the 11:00 mark of the video above)

What areas of L.A. County have the majority of COVID-19 cases? (14:00)

With Labor Day coming up, what’s the plan to make sure that there is not another big surge in positive cases? (16:00)

Can COVID be carried by secondhand smoke? (20:00)

Can someone who tested positive with COVID-19 get it again? (23:00)

Is the second wave likely to hit during flu season? If so, will it be worse than what we are seeing now? (32:00)

Is there a timeline on when a vaccine will be ready for the public? (35:00)

How can the public report businesses who don’t enforce physical distancing? (38:00)

Are we looking into using rapid tests? Requiring people to test at home before going to some places? (47:00)

To see her conversation with Phillip Palmer, watch the video above.

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