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Before the Capitol Hill riots earlier this month, many may not have heard about Parler. But, now, the so-called “free speech social network” has received much attention, having been taken down by Apple, Google and Amazon over concerns about the content on the site. 

Over the weekend, Parler appeared to make progress in getting its platform back online, although its app remains unavailable. 

But what is Parler and where did it come from? Michael Cogley reports.

The social network operated much like Twitter, with profiles to follow and “parleys” instead of tweets. The site prided itself on allowing users to “speak freely” and was against the use of fact-checkers, whilst users could “echo” posts they wished to share with their own followers. Alternatively “upvoting” took the place of traditional “likes”.

Amid growing regulatory scrutiny on mainstream social media sites, Parler was seen as “filling a space”, priding itself on allowing free speech. 

However, the company has come under fire in recent months over claims it allows conspiracy theories and extremist views to go unchecked. It has not responded to requests for comment.

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