Top WallStreetBets investor unmasked as 34-year-old dad in Boston –

His mum Elaine Gill added that “he always liked money” and would get cash from lottery scratch cards that people had thrown away without realising they had value. 

Mr Gill, who had never really played video games besides Super Mario and Donkey Kong, told the Journal he began investing in GameStop in mid-2019 when shares were about $5. Earlier that year, the retailer was looking for its fifth chief executive in little more than a year but he kept buying. 

“People were doing a quick take, saying GameStop was the next Blockbuster,” he said. “It appeared many folks just weren’t digging in deeper. It was a gross misclassification of the opportunity.”

The 34-year-old used to be a long-distance runner, running a four-minute mile until being sidelined by an injury. The Chartered Financial Analyst told the newspaper that stock-picking became an outlet for the energy he once put into running.  

His unmasking comes as trading platform Robinhood said it would loosen restrictions on buying certain stocks that have been caught up in the trading frenzy, including GameStop. 

The app received widespread criticism for introducing curbs from an unlikely coalition including Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the leftwing Congresswoman.