Spanish tourist town in lockdown after coronavirus rate soars out of control in 7 days – Mirror Online

Health officials have ordered the immediate lockdown of another Spanish tourist town after admitting they have lost control over outbreaks of coronavirus.

The tough new restrictions for Benigànim in the mountain region of Valencia but just 60 miles from the coastal holiday resort of Benidorm come into effect this afternoon.

The 6,000 residents are being told not to travel unless absolutely essential, face-to-face educational activity is suspended and senior centre, gyms and restaurants are closed.

“The increase in cases in the last seen days shows a significant spread of the virus in Benigànim. It has been a difficult decision but necessary,” said Valencia’s health minister, Ana Barceló.

The measures will stay in force for at least 14 days.

Benigànim is just 60 miles from the coastal holiday resort of Benidorm
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The virus is spreading so fast in the town that the rate has soared from 34.24 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the week ending August 16th to 994.46 in the last seven days and trackers can no longer follow the trail.

“The increase indicates a sustained community transmission,which is why it is necessary to adopt temporary measures with the aim of stopping and mitigating the risk of contagion,” said the health chief. “

“I ask for the maximum collaboration on the part of the citizens so that the additional measures adopted serve to recover, as soon as possible, the control of the epidemiological situation.”

Of 194 coronavirus tests carried out last Monday, 51 proved positive but health officials don’t the know the source and can’t keep up with finding all contacts.

The lockdown means the entry and exit of people is restricted except for going to the doctor, going to work, returning to the usual place of residence, taking care of the elderly, minors or dependents, force majeure or any other activity of a similar nature.

Face-to-face educational and training activity is suspended in all centres and levels, including nursery schools.

Social centres, casinos, clubs and establishments of a similar nature are closed, together with day centres for the elderly and other groups of a social nature; bars, restaurants and other leisure establishments in the municipality, unless they provide take-away or home delivery services; gyms and sports centres of all kinds, as well as parks and gardens

Sporting events with the public are also cancelled, as are weddings, baptisms, communions or any other social event with invited people; attendance at places of worship except if they lack an audience or are funerals.

Wakes are limited to 15 people if they are outdoors, and ten in closed spaces, whether or not they are living together.

Participation in the entourage for burial or cremation is restricted to a maximum of 15 people, including family members and close friends as well as, where appropriate, the minister of worship.