SpaceX Starship SN11 launch LIVE: Elon Musk reveals time of Mars-bound rocket test reattempt – The Independent

SpaceX will once again attempt to launch and land a Starship rocket on Tuesday, less than four weeks after the last test ended in a fiery explosion.

Starship SN11 is already on the launchpad at SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility in Texas and has performed all necessary static fire tests required to fly.

Previous launch attempts on Friday and Monday were scrubbed – the first due to technical issues, the second as a result of an absent FAA inspector. SpaceX boss Elon Musk said a flight is scheduled for 8am local time (2pm BST) on Tuesday.

All three previous Starship flight test have ended in a “rapid unscheduled disassembly”, as SpaceX puts it, and a successful launch and landing will be a major step towards realising Musk’s Mars ambitions.

SpaceX will post a live stream of the event a few minutes before it takes place, which will appear on this page.


The team at NasaSpaceFlight, who have cameras stationed around Boca Chica, say they expect it was an explosion. One of their cameras “definitely took a hit,” they say.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:18


This is the last view we had of Starship SN11.


Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:14


SpaceX’s live stream has now ended, but there is still no official word on what actually happened.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:13


“We do appear to have lost all the data from the vehicle,” SpaceX commentator says.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:09


SpaceX’s commentator on the official stream describes it as “another exciting test”, but says he doesn’t actually know what happened.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:09


It’s hard to tell what’s actually happened here. Camera crews on the ground are reporting debris.

SpaceX’s stream is frozen.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:07


Starship SN11 is coming back through the fog and we’re about to see if it can land.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:06


Onboard footage has returned, and the belly-flop descent has begun.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:05


Just as we’re about to reach the 10km apogee, SpaceX’s stream has gone dark.

Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:05


Everything is going to plan so far, with all three Raptor engines firing smoothly. The only views we’re getting unfortunately are from the onboard cameras.


Anthony Cuthbertson30 March 2021 14:03