Shoppers return to city centre stores after lockdown – updates – Birmingham Live

What CAN open today?

Tens of thousands of non-essential shops will reopen today as England’s national lockdown is replaced by a new tiered system.

The top two tiers – two and three – will apply to almost of all of England, with just Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly facing the lowest restrictions.

But despite tougher new measures, all non-essential stores will be allowed to trade, including department stores, shopping centres, hairdressers and gyms.

This is in addition to supermarkets, garden centres, banks, post offices, dentists and opticians.

Businesses will also be allowed to trade 24/7, in efforts to claw back the £900million lost a day as a result of lockdown.

However pubs, restaurants and cafés will face different restrictions based on their local tier.

So what CAN open today in Brum?

Hairdressers and gyms and non-essential retailers can stay open, however pubs and restaurants can only serve takeaways.

Indoor entertainment and tourist venues must stay closed.

Essential businesses like banks, opticians, dentists and garden centres will stay open.