Several governors order National Guard troops out of D.C. – POLITICO

“They don’t complain but it’s my job to really protect the team and make sure they are not put into those substandard conditions, so we pulled them out,” Sununu said on Fox & Friends on Saturday morning. “If there’s another call, there’s another mission we’re always going to be there, absolutely. But I just needed to make sure we weren’t being part of a broken system.”

DeSantis called the deployment a “half-cocked mission at this point” and said it was time to bring the Guardsmen home.

“These folks are soldiers,” DeSantis said on Fox News on Friday morning. “They’re not Nancy Pelosi’s servants. This comes on the back end of them trying to investigative the backgrounds of our guardsmen. Florida, we did not let them go into their political beliefs. That was totally inappropriate.”

The FBI vetted guard members amid fears of an insider attack, removing 12.

Texas’ Abbott tweeted Thursday night that he had instructed a general to order the state’s National Guard back home, and Montana’s Gianforte did the same Friday morning.

Abbott said the Guard troops had to go through a “political correctness test.”

“These are men and women who should be respected and not denigrated,” Abbott said on Hannity on Friday. “These are men and women who have served in Afghanistan and overseas and yet they are forced to sleep in a parking garage.”