Rise in UK Covid-19 cases: is better testing fuelling the increase? – Telegraph.co.uk

It suggests the recent rise in cases is being driven by cases in younger people who may not have previously been picked up by the testing regime.

In the week to August 2, the rate of infection among 15 to 44 year olds in England was 11.9 per 100,00 people – up 35 per cent from the week ending July 5 at 8.8 per 100,000.

It has climbed back to roughly the same rate seen in mid-June, while the infection rate among the over 85s has dropped dramatically before levelling off.

At the height of the pandemic, in the week to May 3, the infection rate was at 302 per 100,000 people among the over 85s, and 44.1 in the 15 to 44 age bracket.

More community testing

When accounting for tests, the proportion of new cases being detected under Pillar 1 of the testing regime – for those in clinical need and public health workers – have been falling for weeks.

The average number of new cases per 1,000 tests in Pillar 1 has dropped from 12.6 in early June to 1.4 by August 6.

In the same period the number of tests conducted under Pillar 1 has risen from 248,338 in the week to June 7 to 357,242 in the week to August 6 – indicating a significant drop in cases.