Report: Seahawks management not happy with Russell Wilson – NBC Sports

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson showed rare candor this week when he went on the Dan Patrick Show and said, among other things, that he’s frustrated by getting hit too much and that he’s not sure if he’s available in a trade. That may have rubbed Seahawks management the wrong way.

Patrick said on his show the day after Wilson’s appearance that he heard from a source that the Seahawks aren’t happy with Wilson for taking his frustrations public.

“A source told me that the Seahawks’ management is not happy with Russell Wilson and his camp for taking this to the media,” Patrick said. “You wonder if they’re going to be able to co-exist. . . . The current situation is not sustainable. That’s what I was told.”

If Wilson isn’t happy with the Seahawks, and the Seahawks aren’t happy with Wilson, a trade would make a lot of sense. The betting odds have the Raiders and the Cowboys as the most likely destinations for Wilson. There was a time when Wilson looked like he’d be the Seahawks’ franchise quarterback for many years to come, but they may now be heading for a divorce.