Rangers contributed to disgraceful title party scenes says Police Federation chairman – Daily Record

The union body representing Scotland’s police has blasted Rangers FC as “disgraceful” after fans triggered outrage by celebrating the team’s first top-flight title in ten years.

Supporters breached coronavirus regulations as they gathered outside Ibrox Stadium to sing and set off red, white and blue smoke bombs while fans also congregated in Glasgow’s George Square – leaving memorial benches destroyed and litter strewn across the area.

Scottish Police Federation chairman David Hamilton hit out during a radio interview with BBC Sportsound on Monday.

Deputy chief constable Malcolm Graham had already branded the scenes as “disgraceful”.

Mr Hamilton, chair of the union body which represents rank and file officers, said: “Rangers was pretty disgraceful at the weekend when we had the celebrations in George Square.

David Hamilton, chair of the Scottish Police Federation

“Not just in terms of their silence in advance but also in allowing their players to go to the corner of the stadium to cheer along, also in the dressing room, cheering people along and taking footage.

“Those behaviours contributed to the problems. We should not forget that. What we really need to see is the clubs making it clear. The First Minister is right, it’s not one statement or one day’s worth of social media, it is about being persistent and consistent.

“People are putting the match at risk and things like the Euros at risk with their behaviours. They need to be treated by the clubs with bans and so on.”

Rangers have been contacted for comment.