PM says ‘vaccine passports’ will be needed for international travel – Evening Standard

The Prime Minister told Sky News: “And [countries] will be insisting on vaccine passports in the same way that people used to insist on evidence that you’ve been inoculated against yellow fever. So it’s going to come on the international stage whatever.”

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Here’s the latest NHS England data on vaccines:

A total of 15,631,937 Covid-19 vaccinations took place in England between December 8 and February 22, according to provisional NHS England data, including first and second doses, which is a rise of 160,428 on the previous day’s figures.

Of this number, 15,113,158 were the first dose of a vaccine, a rise of 155,084 on the previous day, while 518,779 were a second dose, an increase of 5,344.


Nicola Sturgeon hopes to be able to give more detail in mid-March on the easing of restrictions in Scotland

The First Minister said she hoped lockdown could be eased by the end of April, with all council areas in Scotland then moving into Level 3 of its tiered approach.

While she said she hoped to give “as much clarity as possible” on Tuesday when she announced the new approach, Ms Sturgeon added she wanted to avoid “giving false assurance or picking arbitrary dates that have no grounding at this stage in any objective assessment”.

She continued: “I am as confident as I can be that the indicative, staged timetable that I have set out today – from now until late April when the economy will start to substantially reopen – is a reasonable one.

“And in mid-March – when we have made further progress on vaccines and have greater understanding of the impact of the initial phase of school return – I hope we can set out then more detail of the further reopening that will take place over April and May and into a summer when we hope to be living with much greater freedoms than we are today.”


Nicola Sturgeon says she is “optimistic” about restoring “more normality” to people’s lives in the coming months

Announcing Scotland’s revised road map out of lockdown, Nicola Sturgeon said Scots would have to accept some trade-offs in the near future to see a longer-term unlocking in the country.

She said: “It is important to stress, of course, that all of this depends on us continuing to suppress the virus now – and continuing to accept some trade-offs for a period, for example on international travel.

“However, if we do so, I am optimistic that we can make good progress in returning more normality to our lives and the economy.

“I know this is still a cautious approach which though absolutely essential to control the virus and protect health, is extremely difficult for many businesses.”

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April 26: Final phase of Scotland’s lockdown roadmap

Nicola Sturgeon said that from April 26, all areas of Scotland will hopefully move to Level 3 with the economy reopening in a “substantial way”.


Second phase of lockdown easing in Scotland will take place from April 5

The rest of primary school years, as well as more senior phase pupils in secondary schools, will be part of the second phase – which will come no earlier than March 15 – along with an increase in outdoor mixing to four people from two households.

Communal worship, a further extension to outdoor mixing and more freedoms in retail are also hoped to be put in place from April 5.


From March 15 Scotland hopes to see next phase of school return

Nicola Sturgeon said from March 15, the rest of primary school years and some more senior secondary school students will hopefully be able to return to the classroom.

In this phase, non-contact sports will also restart for 12 to 17-year-olds.


Nicola Sturgeon says all areas will hopefully move from Level 4 to Level 3 from last week of April

Ms Sturgeon said the framework was “deliberately cautious” and that the Level 3 might see some revision as to what is allowed within the restrictions.

She added that the Government hope for a“phased but significant reopening of economy” by the last week of April, including gyms, hospitality and hairdressers.


Travel restrictions are likely to remain essential for some time yet

Unveiling the revised road map out of lockdown in the Scottish Parliament, the First Minister said it was important that cases of the virus, particularly of new variants of the virus, were not imported into the country.

She said: “We saw over the summer how new cases were imported into Scotland, after the virus had almost been eliminated. We do not want that to happen again.

“In particular we do not want to import new variants of the virus, which could be more resistant to the vaccines that we are currently using.

“And so the strategic framework rightly emphasises the importance of both travel restrictions and test and protect. They will help us to ease restrictions safely.”


Nicola Sturgeon explains plans are an “indicative timetable for easing restrictions”

She added that the Government hopes to do a “more substantial reopening from late April”.