Mayor Adler: Water treatment plant back online, impact on length of boil water notice not yet clear –

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The west Austin water treatment plant, which lost power Wednesday forcing the citywide boil water advisory, is now back online and has power.

“The plant is back online,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said, “and yes, we just need people to conserve at this point so we can just build up the reserves and the pressure, and then the water boil will come off, but we need people to conserve.”

Adler joined KXAN live Thursday morning. He said the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant lost power but called the outage temporary.

“We had a water treatment plant that went down temporarily yesterday because of the power issues. That impacted [the city’s water supply] along with just incredible demand on water the last 36 hours,” Adler said.

Adler said it’s unclear right now how the water treatment plant being back online will impact the citywide boil water notice.

He said Austin Water crews must first look at how much water usage drops due to the repeated calls for residents to conserve. He said that will help crews determine how much of the increased usage was due to bursting pipes.

He says that’s why it’s important for people to continue to boil their water and to limit their water use as much as possible.

“We need people to conserve. Don’t use a drop of water that you don’t need to use,” Adler said.

Austin has been struggling to keep up with demand and keep pressure in its system, especially following burst pipes across the city. The loss in water pressure led to some areas of Austin, including the southwest portion of the city, to lose water Wednesday.

Adler anticipates Austin Water will have another update Thursday morning on the boil water notice.

State law requires testing of the water before any boil water notice is lifted. That means it’s unlikely the citywide boil water notice ends before Friday.

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