Max Kellerman Believes Theres Very Good Chance Patriots Land This QB –

Max Kellerman believes an old face could return to New England as the Patriots’ starting quarterback in 2021.

But unlike Stephen A. Smith, who explained Monday on ESPN’s “First Take” that we shouldn’t rule out Cam Newton re-signing with the Patriots this offseason, Kellerman is focused on Jimmy Garoppolo.

“I believe Jimmy G’s gonna be available. I think Bill Belichick values Jimmy Garoppolo,” Kellerman said. “I think this (Tom) Brady-Belichick thing is not over, although Brady’s in a big lead right now. And I think that Garoppolo, when you consider the money — it’s not what the premier quarterbacks make; it was really more of an upper-middle-class contract than an elite kind of contract. And Garoppolo does the thing that Belichick really likes from his quarterback: He gets the ball out quickly.

“I think there’s a very good chance, if I had to guess, that Jimmy G is the Patriots’ starter this year.”

Garoppolo, drafted in the second round by New England in 2014, spent parts of four seasons backing up Tom Brady until the Patriots traded the Eastern Illinois product to the 49ers in 2017.