London Drugs issues recall of face masks due to manufacturing errors – Canada News –

Some have small holes that may affect the masks’ filtration efficacy.

London Drugs is recalling two types of face masks from its stores due to manufacturing errors. 

In an urgent recall notice on Jan. 21, the company issued a voluntary product recall for the KN95 Face Mask 5 piece with UPC 0-62823-74870-5 due to a manufacturing error.

“Some units were shipped with small holes along the seams of the masks which may affect the masks’ filtration efficacy,” explains London Drugs. 

In a previous recall notice on Jan. 19, the company issued a voluntary product recall for the Medura Disposable Face Mask 10 pack with UPC 0-68156-80216-9 | UPC 6-28011-12402-9 due to a manufacturing error. 

“Some units were shipped with only a plastic nose strip, rather than a metal nose strip (enclosed in plastic) as stated on the package which may affect the fitting,” states London Drugs. 

Customers are advised to visit customer service for product returns or for more information.