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Klopp sets record straight on Salah future

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp with Mohamed Salah

Jurgen Klopp sees no reason why Mohamed Salah would want to leave Liverpool, writes Paul Gorst.

Salah gave an interview to Spanish publication AS last week covering a range of topics such as his interest in one day joining Barcelona or Real Madrid.

“We never know what is going to happen in the future,” was Salah’s answer to that question as he also expressed disappointment with not being given the captain’s armband for the recent Champions League draw with Midtjylland.

However, Klopp said:

“I don’t know, we all want it and we can look for something else if you want but the only reason to leave Liverpool right now is really the weather.

“What other reason could be there? This is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“We pay good money, maybe not the most in the world, but we pay good, and we have a sensational stadium, outstanding supporters with a fanbase all over the world.

“So our colours are red, which is the nicest colour anyway, so what is the reason? But you cannot force people to stay but that is it.

“We never did by the way, it is all about timing in the right moments, stuff like this. We have made changes to bring players in and if someone wants to leave we cannot hold them back.

“I just don’t understand why someone would want to go. And when Mo answered the question, it was that these clubs might be interested, but he didn’t rule out that. Imagine.

“OK, I am different because you ask me a lot about it and these things about contracts and stuff like this.

“But ask any player in the world who is not playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid and then ask them ‘can you imagine playing for them one day?’ and [imagine] he would say ‘No, not for me, Spanish. They are the big ones in Spain’.

“Why should he say that? The only thing he said is ‘we will see’.

“And about Liverpool, [a new contract] is in the club’s hands and stuff like this. It is true 100 per cent.

“It is about talks and having talks about a future and these kind of things, so it’s really all fine.

“You obviously have not a lot to talk about and that is why we make a long story from one interview.

“That is completely fine but it does not make it more important for me. Mo is a very important player for me, obviously. But this story isn’t.”