He is in trouble with his fiance: Dwight Howard accidentally broadcasts personal messages during Lakers… – The Sportsrush

While celebrating the Lakers’ championship, Dwight Howard inadvertently opened his texts for the 47,000 people or so tuned into his Instagram live to see.

While reduced to a bit-part player in the last 2 seasons, Howard has been impactful during his tenure with the Lakers.

The former Defensive Player of the Year was a member of their rotation throughout the playoffs.  While Howard tends to foul a lot more with the Lakers, he still has tons of value as an interior defender. The Lakers would no doubt be thankful for his contributions.

Dwight Howard’s accident on Instagram Live during championship celebration

While entertaining fans with an inside view of how the Lakers were celebrating their 17th title, Howard opened his text exchange with his fiance by mistake.

He promptly realized his mistake and shut down his live session within 6 seconds or so. But the damage had been done.

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It seems his fiance Te’a Cooper, a WNBA player for the LA Sparks, was confronting him about something.

It seemed like Dwight Howard may have been hanging out with a woman and Cooper caught wind of it. Howard kept reiterating during the exchange that he only seemed to be viewing this unknown woman as a friend. Cooper appeared not to be believing it.

Howard has a tumultuous life. He’s got 5 children, all of whom he fathered with 5 different women.

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He owns a variety of snakes and is known for his addiction to candy, something he still finds hard to give up. The big man also won a defamation suit against the mother of his first child back in 2010.