Google Maps is getting a big upgrade on Apple CarPlay and Apple Watch – CNBC

Google Maps is coming to the CarPlay Dashboard.


Google on Monday announced that it’s improving Google Maps in Apple CarPlay and on the Apple Watch.

The new Google Maps update brings Maps to the CarPlay Dashboard, the primary home screen window where you can see lots of things at once, such as your calendar appointments, the music you’re playing and your directions.

Apple didn’t allow third-party mapping applications in this area until an iPhone update it issued in March. Until now, Google Maps users had to use Apple Maps on the Dashboard screen. Or, they had to just use Google Maps separately and without the added information that the Dashboard provides.

CarPlay lets you see some apps, place calls, talk to Siri and more in cars that support it. It competes with Google’s Android Auto platform, which works on Android phones.

The change is rolling out beginning Monday.

Google Maps turn-by-turn directions on Apple Watch

Google Maps turn-by-turn directions on Apple Watch.


Google Maps’ turn-by-turn directions will launch on the Apple Watch in the coming weeks.

That means you can get directions on Google Maps and then look at your watch for the next step. It’s useful if you’re walking around town, biking or driving and don’t have maps up on your dashboard.

Apple Maps already supports this, so it’s just a new option for people who prefer to use Google Maps.