Exclusive: Five million vaccinated Britons told to carry on as if you have the virus by Jonathan Van-Tam – Telegraph.co.uk

“Despite the speed of the rollout, these are people who will not have the vaccine for a while yet,” he says, writing: “Regardless of whether someone has had their vaccination or not, it is vital that everyone follows the national restrictions and public health advice, as protection takes up to 3 weeks to kick in and we don’t yet know the impact of vaccines on transmission.”

He stresses immunity takes time to build up so that a body’s response is “only fully trained up around two or three weeks after you have each of your two jabs. If you are older it’s better to allow at least three weeks. You can still get Covid in this time”.

He adds: “No vaccine has ever been 100 per cent effective so no-one will have 100 per cent protection from the virus. The way to reduce everyone’s risk is to break the chains of transmission and really push down the number of cases.”

He says, like anyone, he is “desperate to return to seeing the people we love”, adding: “The vaccine has brought considerable hope and we are in the final furlong of the pandemic but for now, vaccinated or not, we still have to follow the guidance for a bit longer.”