Enormous Dark Souls Mod Adds Halos Blood Gulch, Completely Changes Multiplayer – Kotaku

Illustration for article titled Enormous iDark Souls/i Mod Adds iHalos/i Blood Gulch, Completely Changes Multiplayer

Screenshot: Dark Souls: Remastest

Modder InfernoPlus, the same guy who turned Mario into a battle royale game, has done wonders with Dark Souls, releasing an ambitious mod that transforms the game’s multiplayer and turns the map into something decidedly less horrific.

Dark Souls: Remastest is “a multiplayer focused mod for Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition that adds a variety of new PvP related content to the game, and removes most of the coop restrictions from the game.”

Though really that’s selling it very short. It adds a new matchmaking system, hugely increases the player count, introduces tons of balance changes and even brings a capture the flag mode to Dark Souls.

Oh, and it also includes a version of Halo’s famous Blood Gulch map.

That is just…so much stuff. So much, in fact, that InfernoPlus’ video explaining everything goes for 35 minutes.

If you want to download the mod, you can get it here.