Dorset sonic boom: Mystery as houses and windows shake huge noise heard for miles – Mirror Online

Hundreds of people in South West England have reported a huge ‘sonic boom’ which left homes shaking this afternoon.

The cause has yet to be determined, with people in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset reporting a huge noise.

Hundreds of people flooded social media to report what sounded like an explosion.

One tweeted: “Anyone else hear that sonic boom then? The windows of the house shook.”

Another wrote: “Out for a walk stood on top of a hill in Somerset, huge sonic boom, no sign or noise of a jet. RAF?”

It remains a mystery, with one woman replying: “Heard it here in Portland, Dorset. Yeah, I reckon sonic boom, but no one seems to know.”

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View over Bournemouth beach, pier, city and Dorset coastline on a sunny day.

The blast was heard across large parts of the South West of England
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A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman told The Mirror that the bang is not believed to be linked to any RAF activity.

It was reported at around 3pm.

Julian Thomas, who heard the blast, told The Mirror: “My wife and I both heard the boom earlier this afternoon at our home just north of Bridport, Dorset.

“My impression is that there were two distinct booms, separated by maybe a second, and one was longer than the other, but I can’t recall which.

“There was some duller muffled deep sound afterwards for maybe two or three seconds which I took to be the sound of a jet engine going hard, as if a fighter aircraft were pulling up after a dive which had gone supersonic.

A Typhoon fighter jet taking off from RAF Lossiemouthon loaded with a Meteor Missile.

The RAF has said the loud bang was not linked to its activities
(Image: SAC Charlotte Hopkins/MoD/Crown Copyright/PA)

“My impression was that a jet fighter at very high altitude had caused the booms, but whether the sound would have extended as far geographically as has been described, I have no way of knowing.

“Hope the explanation will emerge from someone who knows the facts!”

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police told Devon Live: “We did get a report about a loud noise and our officers done a drive around but couldn’t see anything.

“It’s possible it was a sonic boom from a military aircraft we’re not sure, but it’s nothing of a criminal intent that we know of.”

One person in Somerset posted: “Shook all the widows and doors in our house (Somerset).

“Guessing sonic boom but not heard one like that before despite having lived under Concords flight path in the past.”