Did Randy Orton Set Alexa Bliss On Fire on WWE Raw? – ComicBook.com

The final Monday Night Raw of 2020 went off the air with Randy Orton threatening to set Alexa Bliss on fire, but the episode cut to black before fans could see what happened. Midway through the show Orton appeared inside The Firefly Fun House, attacking all of Bray Wyatt’s puppets while Bliss stood helplessly in the ring. She challenged him to some sort of confrontation later in the evening, which eventually led to her handing him a can of gasoline and a box of matches. She dared “The Viper” to do to her what he did to The Fiend back at TLC, the went so far as to douse herself in the gas.

Orton maliciously said that he wanted to do it, but was hesitating because he didn’t want to give Bliss exactly what she wanted. Suddenly the lights in the arena started to go out (usually signifying the arrival of The Fiend). Instead the camera cut to Orton holding a lit match in the middle of the ring shrouded in darkness, implying that he may (or may not) have dropped the match and set Bliss ablaze.

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