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New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

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The Cowboys have already locked up Dak Prescott with a four-year, $160 million extension. But the club has exercised a procedural move to protect Prescott in the future.

Dallas has franchise tagged Prescott for a second consecutive year, which is exactly what the quarterback and his agent Todd France wanted. It is the exclusive tag, which would mean no other team could negotiate with Prescott — were he on the open market.

While Prescott’s contract is expected to have a no-tag clause, Dallas tagging the QB in 2021 means a subsequent tag would be Prescott’s third. And a third tag would require a 44-percent increase from the cap number in the final year of his deal.

Prescott also has two years in his contract that void the day before the start of the 2025 league year, which is after the franchise-tag deadline. So even if the Cowboys wanted to tag Prescott that year, it would be too late.

All this is to say, France has negotiated a deal for Prescott that has made it very difficult for Dallas to ever franchise tag the quarterback again.