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NHS doctor in London says he’d like to invite COVID conspiracy theorists into hospitals to see the situation for themselves

Speaking to Sky News, Dr Umeer Waheed says the task of treating COVID-19 patients is “relentless”.

“The sad thing is, it’s become almost normal for us now,” says Dr Waheed, an ICU consultant at Hammersmith Hospital in west London.

He adds that 12 and 15 hours days are a regular occurrence.

Dr Waheed continues: “We go home and we’re exhausted at night. I’m struggling to sleep, a lot of my colleagues struggle to sleep because we’re thinking about the day and the next day afterwards.

“We don’t even know when it’s going to end and how it will end and whether there will be another surge. We don’t know. 

“We just have to deal with what we have right now because we’ve got a job to do.”

Asked if he is angry with people who do not follow the rules, Dr Waheed says he is not angry, but rather “frustrated”.

He continues: “I read a lot on social media about conspiracy theories, how the hospitals are empty. I’d love to invite those people into these hospitals and show them exactly what’s going on through those doors.

“You read about empty hospitals, empty wards, the ICU is really not that busy, but I’ll tell people right now: it is a warzone in there.

“We’re dealing with a war. It’s the second time round and I don’t know if it’s to come again.”