Covid mutations: US scientist who helped defeat smallpox worried about new variants – Daily Express

Later in the interview, Dr Brilliant said countries need a “back-up plan in addition to vaccinating everybody as fast as we can”, citing “outbreak containment” and matching vaccines to certain variants.

Ms Burnett then asked the epidemiologist about ‘booster’ vaccines being developed by Pfizer and Moderna, to which he said: “It could be that the booster does it, I’m hopeful that there will be boosters that vaccinate and immunise us from everything since the last vaccine we had.

“But in addition we will have dozens of vaccines, and some will match better against certain variants.

“Just as you said if in New York 60 or 70 percent of the virus is the B117, we should be sure that we’re having a vaccine used there that is effective against that variant.

“And I think that, as the months go by, that’ll become more and more important.”