Covid-19 Live Updates: Daily U.S. Deaths and Cases Rise – The Wall Street Journal

Newly reported Covid-19 cases and deaths in the U.S. both rose from a day earlier, as President Biden criticized state leaders for loosening virus-related restrictions.

There were 65,909 new reported cases for Wednesday, according to the latest data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The tally was higher than the 56,758 reported a day earlier, but lower than the 74,429 reported a week earlier.

Deaths, a lagging indicator, rose for the third day in a row, with the nation reporting 2,468 fatalities from Covid-19 for Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins data. There were 1,924 a day earlier and 3,146 a week earlier.

The seven-day moving average of daily reported deaths, which helps smooth out irregularities in the data reporting, was 1,835 as of Wednesday, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Johns Hopkins data. The 14-day average was 1,967. When the seven-day average is lower than the 14-day average, it indicates deaths are on the decline.

Despite recent upticks, both newly reported cases and daily deaths are down from January’s highs.

Mr. Biden on Wednesday criticized state leaders for loosening Covid-19-related restrictions and protective measures, saying it was a “big mistake.”

“Masks make a difference,” Mr. Biden said, describing actions from some state leaders as “neanderthal thinking.”

Mr. Biden’s comments come a day after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said businesses in the state will be able to operate at full capacity and residents will no longer be required to wear masks to visit them.

Some of the biggest U.S. retail, theater, hotel and restaurant chains say they will continue mandating masks and limiting capacity in Texas after the state drops Covid-19-related restrictions next week.

In all, more than 28.76 million Covid-19 cases have been reported in the U.S., and over 518,000 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins data. World-wide, nearly 115.3 million cases have been reported and upwards of 2.56 million people have died.