British Columbia Wine Institute changes name to Wine Growers British Columbia, reflecting connection to land – Kelowna News –

Wine institute’s new name

The British Columbia Wine Institute (BCWI) has changed its name to Wine Growers British Columbia (WGBC) to reflect the importance of agriculture in the industry.

This comes after the national organization’s name change to Wine Growers Canada (WGC). WGBC has chosen the new name to honour the industry’s deep connection to the land ‘from the vineyard to the glass,’ as well as the value of agri-food product and economic growth.

“As farmers, winemakers, retailers and tourism operators, the B.C. wine industry is the highest value-add agricultural product in British Columbia, contributing more than $2.8 billion in annual economic impact,” says president and CEO of WGBC Miles Prodan.

“Repositioning the organization as Wine Growers British Columbia is a significant step in keeping our industry moving forward and better reflects the B.C. wine industry as part of a complex value-added agri-food chain and not simply a beverage alcohol product.”

During the organization’s annual general meeting in Sept. 2020, the board discussed rebranding the BCWI to WGBC to better reflect other associations. Members voted unanimously for the change.

WGBC represents wineries from across all nine wine-growing regions. Member wineries take up nearly 95 per cent of all grape wines produced in B.C., this includes 100 per cent of B.C. certified wines.

“In British Columbia, more than 280 licensed grape wineries enhance the vibrancy and sustainability of our vineyards and agricultural communities which in turn supports more than 12,000 jobs and attracts more than a million tourists each year,” says Prodan.