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Rural users of Elon Musk’s satellite broadband service in the UK have reported huge jumps in speed since switching.

Early Starlink testers claim to have hit download speeds of up to 215 megabits per second (Mbps), making activities like high-quality streaming from multiple devices possible at the same time.

Previous estimates put rural speeds at between 0.5 and 1Mbps, making basic tasks a struggle.

Kent-based Aaron Wilkes, who lives in the village of Bredgar, told PA that his household fixed line should hit around 20Mpbs but has since averaged 175Mbps since swapping to Starlink.

Mr Musk’s SpaceX company has already launched more than 1,000 satellites into Earth’s orbit as part of its Starlink programme, which aims to beam high-speed internet to those left behind by traditional cable-based providers.

But this is just the beginning of the project – Mr Musk reportedly wants to have tens of thousands of his satellites in space eventually, enabling a seamless connection for all users.

Testing of Starlink was recently opened up to UK residents desperate for a better connection in certain parts of the country, while other areas have been told to expect coverage arriving sometime in mid to late 2021.

While Mr Musk’s satellite solution appears to solve many problems for rural dwellers, it does come at a high cost. The hardware involved costs £439 while the monthly cost is £89.