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Julie Chen on Big Brother 22

It’s Eviction Night again for Big Brother 22 as we await the results of who was voted out tonight on Big Brother. Will it be Memphis or Christmas and could we have our first blindside of the season with these results? Oh that’d be nice for a change.

There are just TWO votes this week. Can you believe it? Less than two weeks until the season finale as we’re about to hit our Final Four round of the season and while there’s a chance for a tie tonight I wouldn’t expect it.

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

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We got a lengthy Jury House segment and that was great to hear from them discuss how they’re seeing the season roll out and who may be playing the best game. Sounds like Cody’s stock is going up with them. They also got video messages from home and there were plenty of teary eyes in that Jury House. Now we’re on to the vote.

Big Brother 22 Results – Week 10 Votes:

  • Cody votes to evict: Memphis
  • Enzo votes to evict: Memphis

By a vote of 2-0, Memphis Garrett has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

After the vote, we’ll see the HGs head out to the backyard to compete for the new Head of Household. This is going to be one of two chances for the odd-out HG to win safety this week as the trio of Enzo, Nicole, and Cody are ruling their way to finale night.

Big Brother 22 Results – Week 11 HoH Comp – Knight Moves:

Julie tells the HGs that Kaysar is back to introduce this week’s HOH comp. He greets them on the screen and says this comp lead to a very memorable moment from his time on Big Brother… No, no, it’s not Pressure Cooker. Sonofa… It’s “Knight Moves” and that’s cool, but it ain’t Pressure Cooker.

Here’s a look back at this classic Big Brother comp. First featured in BB6, Episode 8, the HGs each pick a square to start then can only make chess knight moves around the board and eliminating squares they land on. Run out of open spots to move to and you’re out. Great comp when you have an actual competition going. This time around it’ll just be the three teaming up against the one (Christmas). We at least also saw this comp on… BB16, of course.

After the show, we’ll be heading back to the Live Feeds to watch the fallout over who won HOH & the start of the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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