A PS5 restock may be coming today – heres where you can find the new console – Gamesradar

Another day, another PS5 restock. There have been rumblings online about PS5 stock arriving at Target today (March 8 2021) from 8am EST, so prepare yourself for the console rat-race once again. Well, maybe – word is that Target will get them sometime between now and Thursday, but signs look good for this morning.

This week is off to a flyer to be honest, as Amazon UK got stock earlier today, the US could be close behind (UK merchant, Game, has Xbox Series X at the moment, for example). To stay ahead of the curve, keep an eye on the links below. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be more specific about a PS5 restock at the time of writing. Nobody knows when PS5 stock will turn up, so the best you can do is sign in to stores like Target ahead of time with your payment details ready to go. That way you can avoid any hold-ups if the site crashes, slows down, or freezes. Target stock availability is regional mind, so don’t give up even if you see people tweeting that’s it’s gone, it might not be the case for you. 

If you’re not lucky today, don’t sweat it. Competition to buy PS5 is incredibly fierce, and there aren’t many units to go around. It’s the same story with a Xbox Series X restock; both consoles sell out within minutes. Why? Here’s the PS5 and Xbox Series X shortage explained.

Don’t give up hope if you can’t get in on the PS5 restock action today, either. More PS5 stock is arriving all the time, and it’s worth keeping an eye on our PS5 deals page for up-to-date info. Watch out for Twitter stock accounts as well. They’re a good early-warning system, and it’s a welcome help in finding PlayStation 5 stock or being able to buy Xbox Series X.

Will Target get a PS5 restock?

How do we know that Target will be getting a PS5 restock? Although it can’t be guaranteed, there are multiple reports from supposed Target staff working behind the scenes that have been sent to our sister site TechRadar. As such, we’re pretty sure something’s afoot.

If a PS5 restock does happen, watch out for bundles. They sell out less quickly than consoles by themselves, so making a beeline for them is your best bet of securing PS5 stock. And remember to keep hitting refresh. Even if the listing claims the console is out of stock, it might not be – sometimes it’s glitched and you can still secure the PlayStation 5. Seriously, it’s a thing.

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