5 things to know on CTVNews.ca for Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020: Moderna vaccine, UK travel ban, falling iguanas – CTV News

Canada has had more than 528,000 total cases of COVID-19, with nearly 14,600 associated deaths. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Moderna vaccine approved: Health Canada has approved the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for use in Canada, with the first doses expected to be delivered by Christmas.

2. U.K. travel ban extended: The federal government is extending its U.K. travel ban by two weeks to prevent a new variant of the novel coronavirus from spreading to Canada.

3. Filipino front-line workers: The Filipino-Canadian community has been an integral part of health care system, as evidenced by three of the first five people to be inoculated in Canada.

4. Mars rover landing: NASA has released a dramatic 7-minute trailer recreating a rover landing on Mars.

5. Falling iguanas: Temperatures in South Florida are expected to drop on Christmas Day and into the weekend, creating conditions that may cause iguanas to suddenly drop out of trees.

One more thing…

Ridiculous 911 calls: This year’s list of the most absurd nuisance calls to 911, provided to CTVNews.ca, include examples that range from the relatable to the bizarre.
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